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Vitamin D (Calciferol)

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Vitamin D (Calciferol)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also referred to as Calciferol, has many functions in the body. Like many other vitamins, Vitamin D helps promote bone and teeth development. Vitamin D also helps with the absorption of calcium as well as muscle and nerve functions. There have also been studies that suggest the Vitamin D can help reduce, or even prevent, osteoporosis.


Dosage of Vitamin D in younger adults compared to middle aged (50+ years old) differs quite a bit. The basic recommend dosage for adults under 50 years of age is 200 UI, whereas the recommend dosage of Vitamin D for adults over 50 years of age is 400 UI.


Egg yolk, fish and liver are some of the only natural sources of Vitamin D. Fortified milk usually contains 400 UI of Vitamin D for every 4 cups of milk. More interestingly Vitamin D can be derived from sunlight. As sunlight reacts to the cholesterol in your body it can produce Vitamin D. Of course prolonged exposure to sunlight does have many negative side effects so only 15 minute exposures are recommended. Visit our Supplements Forum for more info.

Article Written by: Brad Belanger
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Article Written by: Brad Belanger
Brought to you by Natural Muscle .CA

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