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Ephedrine comes from the plant Ephedra. It boosts activity in the central nervous system. Many use ephedrine as an energy booster, as an aid for weight loss and also to help one’s athletic performance. When combined with caffeine, ephedrine’s effects are increased. Caffeine increases both positive effects such as increased athletic performance and the negative side effects of ephedrine use.

There is some controversy surrounding the use of ephedrine. Some of the risks involved in taking ephedrine could be potentially life-threatening. Supplements containing ephedrine are banned by the NFL, International Olympic Committee and NCAA but are still used by widely by the general public.

Dosage Amount

Like any stimulant, one should ease into taking ephedrine. Starting off with large doses of ephedrine could increase one’s likelihood for negative side effects. The German Commission E Monograph recommends a maximum dosage of 120mg a day for adults. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) suggests a dosage of less than 24mg a day.

Side Effects

The side effects of taking supplements containing ephedrine are varied and can be life threatening. One of the main side effects of ephedrine is that it raises one’s body temperature. This increase in heat could lead to a greater risk of injury for the athlete. Some other possible side effects are headache, dizziness, seizures, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, stroke, some of which if serious enough, can lead to death. Keep in mind that combining caffeine with ephedrine can increase the risk for side effects.

There is no conclusive evidence to determine whether or not ephedrine is completely safe. There are both athletic benefits and health risks that one can experience while taking supplements containing ephedrine. It is up to the individual to determine whether taking ephedrine is beneficial or not.
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